TC3 Machine for concrete products of big manholes

The TC3 model is the ideal solution for making big and lengthwise-oriented manholes (up to 4 meter long) or for multiple productions within the same mould. The machinery is self-moving; it works in continuous cycle, and lays down items on the floor after the mould is overturned.

The filling drawer allows a quick feeding of the mould. Vibration is caused by inverter-controlled vibrators for the best concrete compaction.

Moulds are provided separately; they are easily interchangeable which permits diversified production on the same day and with the same machine.


Maximum dimension of product400 x 140 x H 110 cm*
13.12 x 4.59 x H 3.60 ft*
Hopper loading height236 cm / 7.74 ft
Mixer capacity requirement1.5-2 m³ / 2-2.6 yd³
Rated power15 kW
Installed vibrationElectronic, with inverter
Machine dimensions590 x 403 x H 331 cm*
19.36 x 13.22 x H 10.86 ft
Production cycle average time3 / 6 minutes

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