TC2 H1300 Machine for concrete products

Mobile machine suitable for making large-sized vibrated concrete products (3 meter wide and 1.30 meter high), also reinforced, in continuous cycle. It is easy to use and has a high production capacity.

Concrete product demolding is immediate and obtained by overturning the mould.

Mould changing is simple and fast, it allows diversified production on the same day and with the same machine.

block making machine TC2 H1300


Maximum dimension of product300 x 150 x H 130 cm*
9.84 x 4.92 x H 4.26 ft*
Hopper loading height260 cm / 8.53 ft
Mixer capacity requirement1.5-2 m³ / 2-2.6 yd³
Rated power18.5 kW
Installed vibrationElectronic, with inverter
Machine dimensions500 x 410 x H 366 cm*
16.40 x 13.45 x H 12.00 ft
Production cycle average time3 / 6 minutes

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